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is a distributor of SumaGreen with SumaGrow inside, Organic Pesticide Products, Organic House Hold Products (hand sanitizing solution, dish washing liquid, laundry detergents, hand wash, surface cleaner etc.), green houses (custom build and manufactured units), organic water management products including introduction of sustainable product via customer partnerships and market trends.


SumaGrow was developed in partnership with Michigan State University (MSU) as a result of decades of extensive ground breakingresearch, development and testing globally with a wide range of agricultural product and diverse ecosystems . SumaGrow is a organically manufactured solution of multiple carefully selected microorganisms (bacteria and fungi), microbes that exist in soil ecosystems worldwide with a concentration of over “One Trillion microbes” per square inch for a variety of uses in commercial, residential, research, training, municipal, urban revitalization, watershed, mining and landfill remediation, and disaster relief operations.

Our products have demonstrated “Lower Cost of Ownership” using SumaGrow, organic pesticide solutions, customized agriculture solutions resulting in significant increases in crop yields, increase in BRIX, chlorophyll, nutrient, elimination of health hazards, reducing permitting costs, nitrate reduction, eliminating costly pollution related fines, etc.. The introduction of safe, ecologically sound farming, golf course management, meat industry utilization best practices resulting in measurable benefits to ecosystems and human kind.   

Other benefits of using SumaGrow, our proprietary organic organic pesticide solution, organic products include faster and high germination rates, better ability to withstand stresses such as high winds and droughts, deliver higher nutrient levels, chelation of our organic soil amendment products to the roots and earlier maturation thereby empowering the farmer, landscapers, gardeners, etc..

 **Grow More Food…Naturally**

OM Environmental Products, a distributor of SumaGreen with SumaGrow inside is a 100% all natural product, available with an OMRI Certification for the environmentally conscious organic growers. Our products are so safe requiring no special protective gear for application and the soil is ready for immediate use. The use of SumaGrow demonstrated a significant increase in crop yields (Studies have shown up to 60%) while decreasing, and/or eliminating harmful fertilizers. Studies have highlighted crops treated with SumaGrow content products require less water (~20%), while increasing BRIX levels, Chlorophyll and nutrient levels with faster germination rates, early maturation, drought and disease resistant. Increase your quality of life, time management, enjoy lower total cost of ownership benefits.


MSU technology harnesses microbes to boost plant production with environmental benefits

Dr. C. A. Reddy of the Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department at MSU.

“The microbe formulation offers a number of benefits to plants,” Dr. Reddy said. “It promotes growth by enabling plants to use atmospheric nitrogen. This reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The formulation also helps the plants become more disease-resistant and helps mobilize key minerals, such as phosphate, which helps crops produce plant growth stimulating hormone. Above all, the formulation is cost effective and environmentally friendly.” Dr. C.A. Reddy, professor of microbiology and molecular genetics.


Find his work inside Popular Science


Presenting OM Environmental Products, a distributor of SumaGreen with SumaGrow inside is a microbial blend with a concentration of 1 Trillion microbes per cubic millimeter that focus on the natural growing process.  A 100% environmentally friendly product that has resulted mind blowing yields and benefits to every community.  The combination of natural occurring, interdependent microbes (such as stable bacterial and fungal populations) that are found in our liquid solution, when applied as directed, will result in higher crop yields, improved soil restoration and healthier eco-systems. The product has been in the making for two decades, developed by one of the worlds best agricultural institutions of higher learning at Michigan State University.



OM Agriculture Products      Fruits, Vegetables, Potted Plants, Corn, Rice, Cotton, Cereal Crops, Soy Beans, Wheat, Tomato, Tea, etc.

OM Turf Management     Lawn applications, Grass, Ornamental Grass

OM for Hunter Plots      Hunting Grounds/Patches, Bait Fields, Wild Game control distraction patches for farming operation

OM Forage Management     Cattle, Poultry, Hog Farms, Grazing, Sugar cane, Animal husbandry management, etc

OM SumaGreen OMRI Certified     OMRI (Organic Certification) for Farming & Animal Husbandry Operations

OGolf Management       Fairways, Putting greens, Complete golf course landscape application package