OM Forage

OM Forage products, distributor of SumaGreen with SumaGrow inside is designed with the animal husbandry industry for raising beef, pork, poultry etc. OM Forage applied on grass is an all natural application that makes the grass healthier (higher Brix, nutrient, chlorophyll levels) sweeter, and preferred by animals as a witness in various studies. Studies have shown meat gain of over 20% per head of cattle by weight (2/10 pound of weight gain per day). This all organic process leads to a more humane animal husbandry process, lower carbon footprint, lower water usage, etc.


We recommend for Grazing pastures, first time users, to use one gallon of during first treatment and then a half gallon 4 weeks later. Application rates listed below for Hay also. Use an adequate amount of water per acre to cover thoroughly.

-Grazing Pastures-
1st application – 1/2 gallon per acre in the Spring for Green up
NOTE: If dry, drought type weather then apply another 1/4 gallon to prevent browning


1st application – 1 gallon per acre at planting
Afterwards – 1 gallon per acre should be applied after every cutting
NOTE: This can be done in split applications of 1/2 gallon at planting and another 1/2 gallon roughly 4 weeks later.


For Pricing/orders please contact: E-Commerce Manager Nic Syzdek @ (248) 444-4235