OM Environmental Products

(Distributor of SumaGreen with SumaGrow Inside)

OM Household Products    Organic House Hold Products (hand sanitizing solution, dish washing liquid, laundry detergents, hand wash, surface cleaner etc.

OM Pesticide Solution   Organic Pesticide Products

OM Agriculture Products      Fruits, Vegetables, Potted Plants, Corn, Rice, Cotton, Cereal Crops, Soy Beans, Wheat, Tomato, Tea, etc.

OM Turf Management     Lawn applications, Grass, Ornamental Grass

OM for Hunter Plots      Hunting Grounds/Patches, Bait Fields, Wild Game control distraction patches for farming operation

OM Forage Management     Cattle, Poultry, Hog Farms, Grazing, Sugar cane, Animal husbandry management, etc

OM SumaGreen OMRI Certified     OMRI (Organic Certification) for Farming & Animal Husbandry Operations

OM Golf Management       Fairways, Putting greens, Complete golf course landscape application package