OM Turf

OM Turf Management Product, distributed by SumaGreen with SumaGrow inside is designed as an excellent environmentally friendly product with significant lower cost of application. This all natural product is used to treat grass, lawns, etc. enriching the growth process.  It eliminates harmful  fertilizers and pesticides leaving your water tables, community and environment safe and sustainable. The product is 100% safe for children and pets immediately after application. The turf will show greater resiliency with a deeper root system that makes the ecosystem healthier, robust, disease resistant, consume less amounts of water and reduce nitrate runoff as much as 52%. 

Please call sales representative for pricing.

Application: should begin early spring when frost has subsided. For the first application use a 1/2 gallon per acre (3 oz / 1,000 sq. ft.) covering the area with adequate amounts of water to allow the microbes to settle. Depending on soil conditions its recommended the second application at a 1/2 gallon per acre (3 oz / 1,000 sq. ft.) come 3-5 weeks after. Proceeding applications at a rate of  2/3 quart (1 oz / 1,000 sq. ft.) every 4-6 weeks. *Can be applied anytime during the year before frost arrives


Can be sprayed on bushes, shrubs, trees and gardens as there will be NO adverse affects to those things treated by accident. Unlike chemical fertilizers, it’s safe to use the treated area directly after application.  You may want to accidentally treat your neighbors lawn too.

****Agitate liquid before applications

****Keep treating until weather reaches below 45 degrees

****Avoid extreme temperature when storing (40-80 degrees F) & loosen cap to ensure oxygen flow

For high volume based pricing/orders please contact: E-Commerce Manager Nic Syzdek @ (248) 444-4235