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OM Environmental Products, SumaGrow Inside™ – Product guidelines for optimal results

OM-Application Rates-2013

Ways to calibrate spray appplication equipment



For conversion application from U.S. Gallons to Metric Liters, please use the following equivalents:

0.5 Gallons = 2 Liters

1.0 Gallons = 4 Liters


10 Liters Per Hectare


• The standard application rate is 1 gallon per acre in sufficient water to apply the desired rate.

• If already using N‐P‐K products: It is recommended that N‐P‐K applications rates be reduced by 50% when using OM products.

• If Soil Organic Matter (OM) is low (i.e. heavy sand or heavy clay soils) increase the initial application rate by 0.5 gallon for all applications.

• Avoid extreme temperatures.  Store at ~40-80 degrees

• Always properly calibrate your sprayer prior to application to assure recommended application rate per acre is achieved.

• Apply in late afternoon or at sundown to ensure optimal absorption.

• For second application: Foliar application is suggested.


• OM Products can be co‐applied with your irrigation water through a metered irrigation system.

• Product can also be co‐applied with liquid Nitrogen and with herbicides.

• DO NOT CO‐APPLY OM Tall Harvest with fungicides or fumigants.


• The product should be gently agitated prior to application.  In smaller containers, simply shake the container prior to loading into sprayer.

• With bulk barrels and totes, agitate prior to transferring to sprayer (can use air wand or paddle agitator).


NOTE:  Loosen caps on containers upon receipt of product

so that microbes can receive oxygen.  Leave caps loose

until product is applied.

Please contact us with any further questions about application